KINGSOLAR means FIRST or Beginning, The prime Source of Energy for mankind is SUN. Let us use the SUN rays to Power for clean and Sustainable Energy.
Solar Power Generation Systems begin with the solar module. Solar modules capture solar energy and generate direct current (DC) electricity. The DC current is stored in Battery packs and Inverters (power conditioners) convert DC into AC (alternating current) to run many common appliances & equipments.
Off-grid solar systems use solar modules to produce DC electricity which is then stored in a battery bank. An inverter then converts the DC power stored in the batteries to AC power - the kind of power found in an on-the-grid home. Typically, off-grid systems will include a backup engine generator or connection to utility company power to charge the batteries if they get too low. Such a system will typically be set up so that the generator starts automatically or connection to Power line from utility company in a low battery condition.  
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