KINGSOLAR means FIRST or Beginning, The prime Source of Energy for mankind is SUN. Let us use the SUN rays to Power for clean and Sustainable Energy.
The Ecotube is an advanced form of evacuated tube collector. The energy absorber is reduced to a strip of aluminum treated with a selective Tinox coating. This absorber strip is bonded to a copper pipe, and fluid is passed through the pipe to collect the heat. The whole assembly is sealed within an evacuated glass tube. The vacuum virtually eliminates heat losses by convection or conduction. Ecotube performance exceeds that of flat plate systems and competing evacuated tube systems.
• High transmittance glass, which is virtually transparent to solar energy.
• A super-efficient selective coating on the absorber plate, which
   maximizes the solar energy absorbed and minimizes the heat energy lost by
• A uniquely durable glass-to-metal seal at the end of each tube, to maintain the
   high vacuum that prevents energy losses by convection and conduction.
• Glass and metal components that expand and contract at the same rate in
   response to temperature changes, resulting in a reliable system.
• The Ecotube benefit from a unique concentric pipe direct flow design which
   allows the panel to be placed in any orientation
The complete solar panel and heat exchanger system is remarkably efficient.
• On a sunny day a single Ecotube panel can match the performance of an
   average domestic immersion heater, winter or summer.
• The conventional heating system (oil, gas or immersion heater) will use far
  less energy if any to raise the water temperature to the level set on the
• The less conventional energy that you use, the smaller your energy bills will be
   savings that increase as the price of energy rises over the lifetime of the
• Because of their sophisticated vacuum tube design, Ecotube panels are air
  temperature independent, so they work extremely well on cold, clear days.
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