KINGSOLAR means FIRST or Beginning, The prime Source of Energy for mankind is SUN. Let us use the SUN rays to Power for clean and Sustainable Energy.
Solar modules are made of Silicon with hail resistance glass are mounted firmly on roof top of the commercial or Industrial building. The modules are tilted towards the southern sky, where the sun is strongest.
The amount of light energy which reaches the photovoltaic module is the solar resource. Its potential can be quantified by instantaneous measurement of power in watts per meter square (Irradiance in W/m2). Therefore the greater the availability of Sunshine, the potential of generating electricity is more.
The modules are connected parallel and generated DC power is converted to AC power with stepping of the voltage to 240 Volt with inverter. The AC power converted is directly used by customer and any excess power generated is sent to Electric Grid through the meter.
uring the Day the Solar Panels generate the power required for commercial building consumption and if any shortfall during winter day time or nights the local electricity company will provide the power. The solar power generation is peak in summer time when most of the Hydro power generation is down and power demand is at peak. The Solar proved independence from local electricity company as well it is renewable green energy with out requiring fuel or polluting environment.
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