KINGSOLAR means FIRST or Beginning, The prime Source of Energy for mankind is SUN. Let us use the SUN rays to Power for clean and Sustainable Energy.
Large volumes of solar PV panels are generally set at an inclination that will receive the greatest irradiation throughout the course of a year. This inclination level largely depends on the latitude at which the panels are installed, and are sometimes adjusted for summer or winter optimization.
Fixed PV panels often utilize conventional or thin film semiconductors since more expensive semiconductor technology is often not economically feasible. For fixed PV plants to be practical, certain requirements must be met.
Favorable Weather :
Economic feasibility and performance feasibility depend on the amount of radiation that falls onto the solar system.
Topography :
A flat surface eases the design and construction of a solar system.
Grid connectivity :
In order to take advantage of the electricity produced by a solar system it must be able to easily connect to the electric grid.
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