KINGSOLAR means FIRST or Beginning, The prime Source of Energy for mankind is SUN. Let us use the SUN rays to Power for clean and Sustainable Energy.
We took the initiative for solar electricity at an early stage
out of conviction and in the certainty of being able to determine tomorrow’s supply of energy. Within the last few years, KingSolar has developed from consultancy service onto one of the best in class system integrators of photovoltaic and thermal systems. It has strength to go forward become an international the market leader in the planning and construction of solar power plants, right through to the multi-megawatt class. Our experience guarantees high quality standards and efficient project management, with the goal being to find the best approach and solution for a tailored solar energy system for our customer.
Full turn-key service
Power plant planning, design, site inspection and permitting.
Procurement and delivery of system components.
Preparation of site, installation and connection.
Operation and maintenance of the system.
Remote monitoring and diagnostic service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
Our Wish is on customer's are "Investing wisely. Securing long-term return."
Are you thinking about owning your own solar electricity system? A clever idea! The solar electricity systems of King Solar are a sure investment and, in addition, they make an active contribution to climate protection. Planning, financing, construction and insurance – expert King Solar partners are at hand to advise you on site.
Take advantage of the benefits of
remuneration for electricity fed into the grid, which is secured by law.
cash in the hand for each kilowatt hour generated.
reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
active contribution to climate protection.
Remote monitoring and diagnostic service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
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